I’m Emma – aka Sparky – and this blog is where I share my travel experiences, destination advice and accommodation and restaurant reviews.

My travels

I caught the travel bug at the age of 14, when my family emigrated from Wales to New Zealand. My time in the Land of the Long White Cloud changed my life forever, opening my eyes to the fact that there was a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. We moved back to the UK just 12 months later, but it wouldn’t be long before I was packing my bags and heading overseas again to explore our lovely planet.

I studied French and English at university and spent a year teaching English in Paris. After my studies I saved up and embarked on a solo round-the-world trip for four months. Upon my return I was lucky enough to land a writing gig at a travel start up, which led to an editorial role at *whisper it* Lonely Planet. I’m a lucky gal, and I know it.

I’ve tried paragliding in Colorado (loved it), sea kayaking in Sweden (fun but knackering) and scuba diving in Koh Tao (not for me). I’ve hitchhiked in Hawaii and experienced five-star luxury in the Maldives. I’ve eaten snails in Sicily, sipped kava in Fiji and caught the worst kind of travel bug in Morocco. I’ve seen 39 countries and counting.

I’ve experienced my fair share of bed bugs and 20-bunk dorm rooms. These days I’m more interested in good value adventures, rather than rock-bottom bargains. My most recent big trip, which I’m sure won’t be the last, saw me spend four months backpacking from Mexico to Costa Rica.

Fun facts

  • Favourite cities: New York, Paris, Palermo, Budapest, Wellington
  • Favourite countries: New Zealand, Fiji
  • I’ve never missed a flight (let’s hope I haven’t just jinxed myself)
  • I am a nervous flyer
  • Iran, Colombia, India and Madagascar are top of my travel wish list
  • A Malaysian youth football team once spent 20 minutes taking individual selfies with me in a Kuala Lumpur hostel, suggesting that I look like ‘Mary Jane’ aka Kirsten Dunst

Published work

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