Review: GowithOh apartment rental in Paris


When I recently tweeted asking for accommodation recommendations for an up-coming trip to Paris, I was impressed to receive the following from a company I had never heard of before:

GowithOh tweet Personalised URLs?! These guys know what they’re doing.

The options I found on weren’t half bad. Airbnb had unfortunately failed me (I was struggling to find anything suitable and my requests had been rejected by two property owners, which was a shock after having had a fantastic experience when I went to Florence) so I was relieved to find an alternative apartment rental site.

I immediately spotted my dream apartment; a bright, snug little place in St Germain des Prés - the posh part of town, close to all my old haunts from my student days.

Rooftops Parisian rooftops © Emma Sparks

View from above A view from above © Emma Sparks

The clear highlight (for me, at least) with GowithOh is how active they are on social media. They regularly tweet potential customers and not only that, they continue the relationship online after a booking. This is what caught my eye - and ultimately convinced me to book.

Twitter fun GoWithOh Tweet

So on a Thursday evening after work, I hopped on the Eurostar and arrived at Gare du Nord around 10.15pm. Id arranged to meet my host, Guillaume, at 11pm outside the apartment. At 11.20 I was still waiting…

After a quick phone call and a poorly-timed joke (he said he was going to be an hour late, and let me hang up without explaining he was kidding…) he turned up and - after another ill-advised gag which involved him pretending to be the building caretaker, looking very stern and telling me to get out in rapid, rude French - I hauled myself up the four flights of stairs with my comedian host.

All was soon forgiven, as Guillaume charmed me with his odd-but-entertaining sense of humour. After a little paperwork and tour (I use the term loosely) of the small but beautiful pad, I said goodbye to Guillaume, shut the door and breathed a sigh of relief. I was in PARIS! And my gorgeous little apartment was PERFECT.

Paris apartment My snug home for the weekend © Emma Sparks

Paris apartment Kitchen and bedroom entrances © Emma Sparks

Paris apartment My reading chair © Emma Sparks

The bedroom consisted of a decent double bed and limited room to manoeuvre around it, but the lounge/kitchen area was spacious and really bright. The apartment fits four people, but I would say it is ideal for two. The facilities were great - a decent kitchenette (although we were too busy stuffing ourselves with crepes to use it), a decent shower, a washing machine, electric heater, good wifi and cable TV.

The apartment looks out onto Rue Guisarde, which is home to a few bars and pubs. Although not the wildest spot in town, it can be noisy, especially at weekends, so I’d recommend earplugs. There’s a supermarket five minutes away, and it’s only a short walk to one of Lonely Planet’s top choice boulangeries, Poilâne.

It’s also a 20 minute walk from the Notre Dame people. The best place in Paris, ever. But I’ll be telling more about what to do in Paris next time. For now, just consider choosing to Go with Oh. I’m certainly glad I did.

This was an independent trip. i.e. No blogger freebies! Return Eurostar tickets from London to Paris cost £69, and this GowithOh stay cost €334 for 4 nights. Prices of both vary depending on the season. The featured apartment is located in St. Germain des Prés, near Metro stations St. Germain des Prés and Mabillon.

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