The next big trip is nigh...


My next big trip... Hawaii 2011 © Emma Sparks

Six years ago I set off on my first round-the-world solo trip. It changed my life, leading to a career at Lonely Planet and an unwavering love of travel. Upon my return, I promised myself that it wouldn’t be my last long-term jaunt.

So here I am again, about to embark on another backpacking adventure. Except this time, it’s a little different. For starters, this time I won’t be on my own. I’ll be travelling with my long-suffering boyfriend, who took more than a little persuading to take a break from his career to go off gallivanting. Secondly, I’m nearer thirty than twenty this time round – which means I’ll be travelling on a slightly better budget, but with a bucketload more caution to go along with it. Finally, this isn’t a RTW journey. We’ll be taking it reasonably slow, sticking (mostly) to one continent.

Where am I going?

Once I’d secured four months off work for an adventure (I’m a lucky so-and-so, I know), I spent a month torturing myself over the itinerary. When the possibilities – and your bucket list – are endless, it’s hard to commit. I pondered Japan, Western Australia and the South Pacific, but eventually the budget-conscious backpacker in me opted for somewhere that would be a little lighter on the wallet. It offered sunshine, sand, surf and… SLOTHS.

I’m going to Central America!

Packing begins... Packing begins… © Emma Sparks

Well, it’s more of a Central America sandwich. Here’s the route:

Mexico - Guatemala - Belize - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Jamaica

We leave four weeks today. The shiny new Osprey backpacks that have become part of the living room furniture are ready to be packed. Geeky walking sandals have been acquired (they’re divine). We’ve finished the boring stuff – jabs, insurance, currency exchange – and are in the process of packing up our flat.

All that’s left now is mounting anticipation, the occasional freak out and a yearning for fresh pineapple, salt water and barefoot freedom. Bring. It. On.

I’ll be blogging from the road and posting humblebrags on Instagram. Stay tuned!

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